Audiovisual Production Company

Hausboot is a production company focused on development and production of audiovisual works with high artistic value and potential for international coproduction and distribution. Hausboot focuses mainly on animation and creative documentaries.

Hausboot offers production services and acts also as a creative content development partner for corporate clients.

Trailer – Even Mice Belong in Heaven
Film by Denisa Grimmová & Jan Bubeníček


Even Mice Belong in Heaven

Film by Denisa Grimmová & Jan Bubeníček

Jiří Trnka - A Long Lost Friend

Film by Joël Farges & Tereza Brdečková

Dad Time Stories

Series by Denisa Grimmová & Jan Bubeníček


Austerlitz Advent

Short Film by Josef Abrhám

Jenica & Perla

Creative Documentary by Rozálie Kohoutová


Creative Documentary by Josef Abrhám

Magical Činoherní klub

6x30’ series by Josef Abrhám

Financing and Production services

Hausboot acts as a coproduction partner for international projects in Czech Republic and also
provides production services in Prague and Czech Republic

Czech State cinematography fund awards twice a year a minority coproduction funding with an annual budget of 2.000.000 €

Czech Republic is a great base for your project with strong filmmaking background, experienced crews, stunning and easily reachable locations, studio facilities and high-end postproduction studios.

Hausboot cooperates closely with Czech Television, who is also a potential coproduction partner

Czech Republic offers a Tax Credit of 20% from the local spent

Feature films

eligible budgets over 590.000 €


eligible budgets over 80.000 €

TV series

eligible budgets over 315.000 €
per episode

Animation series

eligible budgets over 40.000 €
per episode

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